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Residential Burglary

Post Date:12/16/2014 5:35 PM


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(760) 256-2211

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OFFENSES:                                     PC 459 - Burglary (Residential)

CR NUMBERS:                               14-1969 and 14-4035


DATE OF CRIME:                           05/12/14 and 10/04/14


DATE OF PRESS RELEASE:       Thursday, 12/10/14


VICTIMS:                                           Victim #1 - Adult Female - Grove Court

                                                            Victim #2 - Adult Female - Glade Ave.

                                                            Victim #3 - Adult Male – Glade Ave.


SUSPECTS:                                    PHILLIPS, Donald Steve (DOB 01/02/1962)

                                                            Barstow Resident   


CASE AGENT:                                Detective Leo Griego, ID# D-1      




On Monday, 05-12-14, Victim #1 called the Barstow Police Department and reported a burglary to her residence on Grove Court. Officer Frank Benitez responded to her residence and determined that forced entry was made into the residence and that property was taken from the residence. Physical evidence was collected at the scene which connected Donald Steve PHILLIPS to the burglary. Phillips is Victim #1’s next door neighbor. The evidence was sent to the Sheriff’s crime lab for analysis. 


On Saturday, 10-04-14, Victim #2 called the Barstow Police Department and reported that when she returned to her home from work she found a male adult inside her residence stealing property. Victim #2 confronted the male and asked him what he was doing inside her residence. The suspect fled the residence taking Victim #2’s property with him.


On Monday, 11-24-14, Victim #3 called the Barstow Police Department and reported that when he returned home from work he found a male adult inside his residence stealing property. Victim #3 confronted the suspect who threatened to hit Victim #3 with a pick. The suspect fled the residence and Victim #3 chased him until the suspect dropped the pick. Victim #3 fought with the suspect and tried to detain him for the police. The suspect broke free from Victim #3 and fled to his residence on Grove Court.  Several Barstow Police Department Officers responded to the residence and took the suspect, identified as Donald Steve PHILLIPS, into custody. He was positively identified as the suspect who broke into Victim #3’s residence.


Further follow-up investigation was conducted concerning other residential burglaries which occurred in the same area. PHILLIPS was identified by a witness as the person who committed the burglary to Victim #2’s residence. The physical evidence found at Victim #1’s residence also linked PHILLIPS to her burglary.


On Wednesday, 12-10-14, while Donald Steve PHILLIPS was in custody at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center for the burglary to Victim #3’s residence, Detective Griego also charged Phillips with the burglaries to Victim #1 and Victim #2’s residences.


Further Investigation is being conducted. Anyone having information on the residential burglaries is asked to call the Barstow Police Department at (760)256-2211. 




Albert S. Ramirez, Jr.                                                                      

Chief of Police
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