Community Development

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Hello, this is Gaither Loewenstein, Economic Development and Planning Manager for the City of Barstow. I would like to take a moment to share with you several important projects that have come to fruition in the Community Development division over this past quarter.




Community Development Department
Harvey House
Harris Corporation and Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex have rented space at the Harvey House to continue their outreach program for the residents of Barstow and surrounding communities. The educational and hands-on experience offered during the NASA Exhibit: “Science on a Sphere” will continue as Goldstone’s focus as well as the speakers series. This is a joint effort by Harris Corporation, Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex and the City of Barstow.
The first Speaker Event was held on May 25th with Dr. Marc Rayman from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory speaking about NASA’s Dawn mission.  Dawn is the only spacecraft ever to orbit a dwarf planet and is the only one ever to orbit any two extraterrestrial destinations.