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Hello, this is Mike Brown, Administrator of the Public Services Division. The Department is made up of three different divisions, Field Services, Facility Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the infrastructure of the City of Barstow. We also provide support for other City departments in the form of traffic control, setup and teardown for special events and a variety of other ways. We are also responsible for emergency response to flooding or other disasters that may occur.

The Field Services Division is comprised of two teams. Each team has several main responsibilities that are unique to that team and many other responsibilities that are considered to be common to both teams. It is not uncommon, however, for both teams to work together to accomplish tasks that are larger than one team can handle on their own and as we move forward, these teams will be working closer together in a more concentrated effort.

I would like to take a moment to share with you several important projects that the Public Services Division has worked on over this past quarter.

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The City of Barstow Community Services Department has been working hard to keep our City looking good.  Here are a few of the things that we accomplished over the past few months.    

Community Services Department
Field Services
Public Works
Remediation of the Outlets of Barstow retention basin to clear and restore the basin to its designated purpose after multiple storms.

Building Maintenance
Responded to Major Wind Event – repaired roof damage at City Hall, Police Annex, Corp Yard and Jasper Park
The facilities department has been working on the daily routines the past quarter, although has accomplished some other accomplishments as well.  We have been moving forward on the painting of the doors and windows at the Harvey House, we are now on the west side of the facility. Due to the wind storms,  we  did a repair of several fallen tiles at the police Annex building as well as several re-roofs of rolled on and shingled roofs. (Corp. Yard, Jasper Park, city hall).  The department also re-secured the antenna behind city hall, which is located on the roof of the Police Department workout room and painted the eaves entirely to that building.  ( the department did some  moving of furniture at city hall, and at the same time painting the rooms to accommodate the new employees)