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Hello, this is Chief Jamie Williams with the Barstow Fire Protection District.  As you may know the community depends on the Barstow Fire Protection District to provide much more than fire suppression services. The Barstow Fire Protection District is an all-risk agency that must ensure for the continued provision of fire, emergency medical, hazardous materials, technical rescue, community preparedness, public education, and fire prevention services to meet the demonstrated needs of the community.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some information regarding our activities over this past quarter. 

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Fire Department

BFPD Events July 2017-September 2017
• From July 1st 2017 through September 25th 2017 the Barstow Fire Protection District responded to 1,602 emergency incidents. Barstow Firefighters Completed 256 hours of wildland refresher and update training this quarter. 
• Barstow Firefighters have had several significant incidents during this quarter
o 3- Full arrest saves – CPR and advance life support intervention produced positive outcomes of patients that were found not breathing with no heartbeat
o 1.5-Acre brush fire in the river bottom behind the wastewater treatment plant.  One victim was rescued from the middle of the burn area.  This resulted in one firefighter injury for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion- he was transported to the hospital for treatment.  Additionally, two firefighters were treated for minor heat exhaustion and dehydration during the fire.
o Fatality house fire on Mt View- one victim was pulled from the fire by firefighters, Advance Life Support intervention was administered. Ufortunately, the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.
o Barstow Firefighters assisted in the firefighting efforts of several large wildland fires in California totaling 1,632 hours of service to these communities.
Garza Fire-5 Days Deployed
Pier Fire- 11 Day Deployed
Stone Fire-1 Day Deployed
Alamo Fire-1 Day Deployed
• Barstow Firefighters conducted several public education events in the community
• Public Safety Explorer Honor Guard participated in two public events
• We welcome newly hired Fire Engineer Garrett Miller to the ranks.
• We welcome newly hired Firefighter Paramedics Scott Bowerman and Bobby Zepeda
• Much work has gone into informing the community of the status of the fire district, our commitment to serving the community and providing information about Measure J.