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Hello, this is Police Chief Albert Ramirez. As you know, the men and women of the Barstow Police Department are committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community. I believe in honesty, integrity and compassion when building a partnership with the community to actively achieve positive impacts in the prevention of crime and to safeguard the citizens and guests of our community.

  I would like to take a moment to share with you some of our activities over this past quarter.



      Police Department


      • The Barstow Police Department coordinated and conducted a multi-agency active shooter exercise at Barstow Junior High School. Prior to conducting the exercise, active shooter training provided to Barstow Junior High School employees. The organizations that participated in the active shooter exercise were the Barstow Fire Protection District, California Highway Patrol, and Desert Ambulance.  We conducted training to enhance the ability of Barstow area public safety organizations to quickly resolve an active shooter incident, identifying the ability of Barstow Junior High School employees to effectively respond to an active shooter incident.


      • The Barstow Police Department identified a need to address the increase in crime and issues that occur with vacant homes in the city of Barstow. Because of this need, the Barstow Police Department developed a part-time Vacant Home Enforcement Team (VHET). The Vacant Home Enforcement Team helps the owners of vacant homes combat the issues of trespassing, vandalism, arson, and any other crimes that occur to vacant residences. The Department conducted a community meeting to provide information about the Vacant Home Enforcement Team’s goals and to gather pertinent information from vacant homeowners.


      • The Barstow Police Department has coordinated and worked with staff from the California Alcohol & Beverage Control to develop an effective, comprehensive and strategic approach to eliminating the crime and public nuisance problems associated with problem alcoholic beverage outlets. Based on this, the Barstow Police Department conducted an informational seminar for City of Barstow alcoholic beverage outlets to provide them with information on current ABC laws.

      • The Barstow Police Department also conducted two (2) Shoulder Tap Operations at five (5) businesses in the city. Because of the operation, underage decoys solicited fifty-three (53) subjects to purchase alcohol for them.  Out of the fifty-three (53) subjects solicited, three (3) subjects were issued citations for purchasing alcohol for the underage decoys.

      • We conducted a Minor Decoy Operation to determine if store employees would sell minors alcoholic beverages. The operation was conducted at eleven (11) businesses within the city and two (2) of the businesses were issued citations for selling alcoholic beverages to the minor decoys.

      • The Barstow Police Department conducted Alcohol Beverage Control Impact Inspections at fifteen (15) alcoholic beverage outlets to determine if the businesses complied with ABC standards. Because of the inspections, all businesses were in compliance.


      • The Barstow Police Department’s Police Activities League (PAL) coordinated a fundraising drive in order to purchase toys for the children of Barstow during Christmas time. The Barstow Police Department (PAL) and other volunteer organizations and citizens were able to pass out approximately thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) in toys to the children of Barstow on Christmas Eve day.