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"I would like to welcome you to the City of Barstow’s Quarterly Newsletter.  These newsletters are designed to help the public stay informed regarding the latest departmental happenings by providing in depth information into projects, events and citywide efforts to improve the quality of life for residents and travelers."

Mayor Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre

On behalf of the Barstow City Council


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2nd Quarterly Newsletter 2017


• Administrative Services - The City suffered a significant loss on May 29th when Ava Reyes-Halsey, our Administrative Services Manager, was killed in a traffic accident returning home from the holiday weekend on Memorial Day. Our thoughts continue to be with her family. 

• Elected Official’s 700 filings were completed digitally on line for the first time.  This was a new program with clerk training implemented by the Fair Political Practice Commission.

• The first Speaker Event was held on May 25th with Dr. Marc Rayman from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory speaking about NASA’s Dawn mission.  Dawn is the only spacecraft ever to orbit a dwarf planet and is the only one ever to orbit any two extraterrestrial destinations.

• Remediation of the Outlets of Barstow retention basin to clear and restore the basin to its designated purpose after multiple storms.

• From March 08 2017 through June 12 2017 the Barstow Fire Protection District responded to 1,665 emergency incidents

• Throughout April and May, the successful T-Ball program went into full swing at the Robert A. Sessions Sportspark where young children were introduced to the fundamentals of an American Pastime.

• The Barstow Police Department coordinated and conducted a multi-agency active shooter training exercise at the Barstow Station.