About PD

The Barstow Police Department services 40 square miles with a city population of 23,000. Interstates 15, 40, State Route 58 and Historic Route 66 run through our city. Because of our location and surrounding communities, the Barstow Police Department services approximately 60,000 people with a sworn force of 40 officers.

Our officers are well trained and experienced in handling most of their investigations from the initial report to successful prosecution. In major investigations, we rely on highly trained detectives who have proven their abilities time and time again.

Our reserve program is an excellent way to serve your community, and if you desire, an excellent training program for full-time employment.

Members of the Barstow Police Department work together as a team realizing the importance of our dispatchers, clerical staff, and volunteer organizations such as Citizen on Patrol and Explorer Programs.

Community Oriented Policing is not the latest fad with the Barstow Police Department; members of our department live, work and play this philosophy everyday. Our members have a vested interest in the safety and welfare of our community.