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Application Window for TV Projects: 
Non-Transferable Tax Credits

1. Relocating TV Series: $33 million in tax credits available

2. Recurring TV Projects ONLY 
Recurring Series are TV series, Relocating TV series in their second season in California, or series from pilots that have previously received a Credit Allocation Letter.

NOTE:  Due to the success of Program 2.0 in attracting television production to California, the California Film Commission (CFC) will not be accepting applications for any new TV Series, TV Pilots, MOWs, or Mini-series during the May application window in order to accommodate the anticipated recurring TV applications.  Funds are available for Relocating TV series.
Program 2.0 mandates the CFC to give first priority for available credits to recurring projects that have previously received a credit allocation.  Priority is determined by the year of the original application with the oldest projects having 1st priority*.  If further prioritization is necessary, the applications will be ranked according to the Jobs Ratios in the most current applications.
The CFC will make every effort to notify applicants if they will receive a reservation of tax credits by June 16, 2017.  Credit Allocation Letters will not be issued until July 1, 2017.  Any qualified expenditures prior to July 1, 2017 do not qualify.
* For applications received on or after January 2016, priority is determined by the fiscal year of the original credit allocation.

Applications are ranked within categories (TV Project vs. other TV Projects; Relocating TV vs. other Relocating TV) based upon their "jobs ratio" score. 

Applicants are measured against their specific applicant pool and as such, each jobs ratio minimum is specific to those types of productions during a specific allocation period.

Along with detailed information about the jobs ratio ranking process available on the CFC website, a jobs ratio calculator is also available to assist applicants in determining Jobs Ratio.

The portal will go live Monday, May 22, 2017 at 8:00am and will close on Monday,
May 29 at 11:59pm.

Applicants should begin to prepare their budget and materials early. A completed and tagged budget is needed in order to fill out the online application.
Be sure to carefully read the Budget, Tagging, & Tracking Tips and Qualified Expenditure Charts for Program Years 2-5 to accurately tag budget and expenditures.
Applicants should prepare all materials listed in the Checklist as these materials are required for submission within three days if application is selected.


The informational documents listed below are available on the CFC website. It is strongly advised that applicants review each document prior to project budgeting and scheduling.  

Budget, Tagging, & Tracking Tips
Qualified Expenditure Charts
Jobs Ratio Calculator



DATE: May 3, 2017

2017 Film In California Conference

Saturday, May 20th | CBS Studio Center in Studio City | 10 am-6 pm

Produced by the California Film Commission (CFC) & Film Liaisons in California Statewide (FLICS)

Presented by ABC Studios & The Walt Disney Studios

Entertainment Partners & Central Casting

Attend the only conference held exclusively to promote filming in California. Sessions will include "The Making of This Is Us" with cast members Chrissy Metz ("Kate") and Chris Sullivan ("Toby"), plus informative panels on Film Finance, Sustainability and Content Production in the Digital Age. The schedule wraps with presentation of the 2nd Annual California Golden Slate Award by actor Jason George (Grey's Anatomy, Kidnap, Mistresses, Playing the Field, With This Ring) to Shondaland's Betsy Beers (EP of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, The Catch). The award, which was first bestowed last year to Ryan Murphy, honors an individual who champions filming in California and whose body of work has generated thousands of in-state production jobs. Ms. Beers is also being recognized for her commitment to diversity, which serves as an industry model.

More presentations and speakers to be announced soon.

Gain valuable information and network with colleagues, industry vendors and film commissioners from across the state.

For more information, the full conference schedule and to register at 50% off the cost of admission, go to:, and use Promo Code: CFC2017



DATE: May 17, 2017 


State Parks Parking Fee Increase 

State Parks in the Angeles District will be raising their parking fees for filming activities.

Beginning June 1, 2017,  productions will be charged 1.5 times the going rate for each parking space they use, (e.g., if regular rate is $10/space/day, productions will be charged $15/space/day).  This change reflects an attempt to recover lost revenue when spaces are not turned over during the day as with normal public use.