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Dr. Surojeet Chatterji Biography

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Surojeet Chatterji

     Virtuosic pianist, Dr Surojeet Chatterji, alumnus of the Moscow Conservatory and Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music , London, was by the offices of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, sent in 1972 as the First Indian pianist on a full Soviet Scholarship to study at the world renowned Russian school of music.

     After a decade of spartan discipline and receiving the highest degree from the Conservatory under teachers such as Rudolf Kerer, Irina Smorodinova, Emil Gilels and tracing his lineage all the way to Liszt and Beethoven, Dr Chatterji immigrated in 1984 to Los Angeles California..  In the 25 years of teaching in several Music Institutions, such as, at the Ambassador Foundation of Performing Arts in Pasadena, the true highlight of his teaching career was, when his highly evolved methodology bore tremendous fruit and success in the years he taught the unprivileged but extremely talented students of the High Desert.. However, when none other than the World famous Twice Oscar winning composer Dr.A R Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire witnessed and heard the magical pianism, the incredible results in absolute amazing short spans of time midst the desert kids, he literally hijacked Chatterji to his new Conservatory in Chennai,India... It was undoubtedly a tremendous loss to the High Desert but a miraculous gift to India.

     Dr Chatterji was invited to head the Russian Piano Studio at Kmmc, where students who otherwise would never have had a chance to have studied at venerated institutes of Europe have gravitated to the Rahman's visionary Conservatory, and to the continued astonishment of all, unbelievable results keep coming by, in amazingly short spans of time midst the aspiring passionate students from all corners of India and beyond...all the way from Dubai to Singapore..Their fiery playing has earned them the title "Hands on Fire" and as a team and as soloists have performed in New York, Los Angeles, Warsaw and Moscow.

     Chatterji's success lies in his profoundly illuminating methodology...anatomically, choreographically and  highly arousing emotive movements of the body, the entire being of the pianist dissolves into the very intimate embrace of the instrument...making it breathe as if it had a soul of its own. The pianist, the piano, become inextricably one.. inseparable, indivisible. His tone becomes the very tone of his instrument...a connection that discovers his soul, and the creator.

19, Vinayagapuram 2nd Street, MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106