Community and Economic Development encompasses two divisions:

Building and Safety Division is responsible to review and inspect commercial, industrial, residential and public works construction plans. They make sure that public life safety is protected; environmental laws and concerns are addressed; and that federal, state, county and city codes are followed.

Code Compliance  is a subdivision of Building and Safety. It is tasked with making sure residents and businesses are complying with the municipal code. The Code Compliance division of the Community and Economic Development Department routinely handles code violations within city limits like abandoned vehicles, trash on property or illegal dumping not in process, excessive weeds, fence and external building maintenance, unsecured abandoned property, unsecured refrigerators, untreated swimming pools, sign maintenance, and business licensing. Code Compliance also enforces the city's water conservation ordinance, which bans watering at certain times of day during the hottest months of the year. 

Planning Division is charged with implementing state laws that regulate the physical development and use of land in the city. This includes the adoption, periodic update, and administration of the City's General Plan (land use policy for development in the city), and the General Plan's implementation tools: the Zoning Ordinance (Title 19), Subdivision Ordinance (Title 18),  community development planning and economic  development strategy.