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290 Sex Registrant/Arson Registrant – Registration is done during business hours Monday through Friday.

Drug/Gang Registrant – Registration is done on Wednesday’s only from 08:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

290 Sex Registrant Requirements

A sex offender is required to provide proof of residence [for specific language, see Penal Code section 290.015].

Proof of residence includes:

  1. California Driver’s License
  2. California Identification Card
  3. Recent rent or utility receipt in the offender’s name
  4. Printed, personalized checks or other recent banking documents showing the offender’s name and address.

Other required documentation to provide the Barstow Police Department prior to registration:

  1. Photo Identification (A face sheet provided by your Parole/Probation officer will be accepted)
  2. Terms and Conditions of Parole/Probation.
  3. Registration Requirements.

Annual Registration
A sex offender must register annually, in person, within five working days of his birthday, with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over his residence address or physical location. Annual registration begins on the offender’s first birthday following his initial registration [for specific language, see Penal Code section 290.012]

Change of Address
A sex offender must register or re-register, in person, within five working days of coming into, or changing his residence address within a city and/or county in which he is residing [for specific language, see Penal Code section 290.013].

For additional information on sex offender registrants and registration requirements: Office of the Attorney General