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Past City of Barstow Mayors

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Term of Office

Robert E. Hartwick

September 1947 to April 1948

Joe C. Gintz

April1 948 to April 1950

Leonard Zagortz

April 1950 to December 1957

George Oakes

January 1958 to April 1960

Ida K. Pleasant

April 1960 to April 1964

Blendon O. Beardsley, Jr.

April 1964 to April 1966

H. James Gilliam

April 1966 to April 1968

Ida K. Pleasant

April 1968 to April 1970

Bernard W. Keller

April 1970 to April 1974

George Goldsmith

April 1974 to April 1978

Bernard W. Keller*

April 1978 to April 1980

Paul R. Simon

April 1980 to April 1982

Bernard W. Keller

April 1982 to April 1984

Bernard W. Keller**

April 1984 to April 1988

Bill E. Pope (resigned)

April 1988 to October 1990

Manuel G. Gurule, Mayor Pro Tem

October 1990 to March 1991

Mal Wessel (special election)

March 1991 to April 1992

Mal Wessel***

April 1992 to December 1996

Katy Yslas Yent

December 1996 to December 2000

Lawrence E. Dale

December 2000 to December 2008

Joe Gomez

December 2008 to December 2012

Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre

December 2012 to Present

* First elected Mayor
** Began 4-year terms
***Terms extended to November for consolidated elections