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Code Compliance Facts:

True or False:  Inoperative vehicles are not permitted.
TRUE!  If a vehicle is parked on your property and it does not operate, it is to be removed and/or stored in a lawfully constructed structure per BMC 6.28.030(1)t.

True or False:  Banners may be used as advertisement.
TRUE!  Only if a permit is obtained first through the Building Department per 19.06.060 E. 

True or False:  It is the City’s responsibility to trim trees that encroach into the public right-of-way.
FALSE!  The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of all trees, shrubs and branches that hang into the right-of-way.  They are to be maintained in a way permitting pedestrians and vehicles to safely proceed along the City street or sidewalk without their path being obstructed by vegetation per BMC 12.12.020.

True or False:  The City has no water conservation parameters established.
FALSE!  Under BMC 13.40.040, sprinkler irrigation operations are set forth and prohibited water use is defined.  During April through September, sprinklers should operate before 9am and after 6pm.  It is unlawful to wash any vehicle except from a bucket or with a shut-off nozzle hose.  Deter from washing down driveways and sidewalks.

True or False:  No more than four domesticated animals are permitted on a property.
TRUE!  Per BMC 19.10.040, only four domesticated animals (dogs/cats) are allowed.  Poultry and game birds are NOT allowed.