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The following activities are proper rules for using bus passes and ride cards on the fixed route system:

Sharing of 31 day passes with others is strictly prohibited. One pass is allowed per person.

Passes cannot be resold for personal or financial gain.

Once purchased bus passes and ride cards cannot be refunded.

If ridership falls under five passengers per hour that service will be eligible for discontinuation

If ridership increases over nine passengers per hour that service will be eligible for expansion

The following activities are prohibited:

Eating or drinking of any substance on the bus

Consumption of alcohol, and/or illegal substances


Possession of weapons

Avoid unnecessary talking with drivers and dispatchers.

Good personal hygiene habits are necessary to use public transit.  Any offensive odor, or appearance, etc., is unsettling to others cannot be permitted.

Be ready to board and disembark from vehicles promptly.

Children may ride unaccompanied at age 8.

Boarding the bus with hazardous or dangerous materials or devices

Behavior that is considered to a reasonable person to be dangerous, disruptive, obscene, threatening, violent, inciting or insulting language and/or gestures.

Fighting, or mock fighting

Throwing objects in the bus or out the windows

Panhandling, and soliciting

Harassing or intimidating any person

Putting hands out the window

Putting hands on or touching other passengers without consent

Bicycling, roller-skating, rollerblading or skateboarding on the bus

Animals, except service animals and animals that are caged (The cage must be able to fit on the passengers lap or between their legs when riding.)

Lack of shoes, shirts, other inappropriate attire

Placing of any objects in aisles or other places where a reasonable person would consider dangerous

Package limit is two shopping bags. Large items cannot be transported.

Drivers are not responsible for remembering where passengers wish to disembark.

In case of floods or severe snow conditions, buses will return to the nearest safe layover zone to await further instructions. Every attempt possible will be made to pick up all passengers and deliver them to their respective destinations.

Complaints or inquiries regarding service may be directed to (760) 255-5170.
Passengers are required to provide a name, address, and phone number service.

To ensure the safety of all passengers, Barstow Area Transit reserves the right to remove and/ or deny service to any passenger who poses a threat to the safety of themselves or others.