Solid Waste/Business

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  The Solid Waste Department is responsible for implementing the City’s Source Reduction and Recycling Element and the Household Hazardous Waste Element mandated by the State of California. Through innovative, rational and reasonable management of solid and hazardous materials, the city promotes the following waste management practices in order of priority:

(1) Source Reduction
(2) Recycling
(3) Composting

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 Commercial Recycling & Organics

Mandatory Commercial Recycling & Organics Recycling  

Business Organic Discards Composting and Food Donation

 Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) Recycle / Cleanup

For more information on how to....
Safely Handle and Recycle CFLs, click here

Construction Waste Management

The City of Barstow Solid Waste Division encourages all contractors to implement “Best Management Practices” while they are doing work in the city limits. 

Construction Waste Management Worksheet 

Construction Waste Management Plan Application

For additional information, please contact Jessica Reed at 760-255-5126 or by Email.