Red Tagged

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So you've been RED-TAGGED

What it Means:
If your trash/recycling can or bin have been "red-tagged" you probably need to take a closer look at what belongs in the containers.  The tag is placed on your container by Burrtec Waste with a simple explanation of why your container could not be serviced that day.

For your recycling bin or can it is an indication that there are items in the can which are not accepted for recycling in our current program. Should these items be found in your recycling, you will receive a red tag.  This tag will identify why your container is not being emptied and what you must do to correct the problem. 

The second time you receive a red tag notification, you may be charged an extra handling fee for contaminating the recycling bin with non-recyclables.  This additional fee is authorized by the City Council under Resolution 4379-2007.  The additional fee in intended to deter future contamination of the entire truckload of valuable material which is sold to help defray the costs of our recycling programs. 

Should you have any questions regarding a red tag, please contact Burrtec directly at (760) 256-2730.