Lions Eyeglass Recycling

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Have you ever wondered what to do with that old pair of prescription glasses? Here's the perfect solution. The Barstow Lions Club is busy with their eyeglass-recycling program.

Because of the Lions program, countless people throughout the world have the ability to improve their eyesight. When you donate your discarded prescription glasses at a convenient drop-off spot, they are collected and processed through the Hemet Lions Club. The Hemet Lions are the official eyeglass recycling centers for the 4-L5 District (one of eight eyeglass recycling centers in the United Sates).

"Lensometers" are used by trained Lions members to verify the power of each lens. Glasses are then marked by their strength to be matched and made available to someone who otherwise might not be able to see.

Each month recycled glasses are sent to countless locations around the world to improve the eyesight of the needy. Over 50,000 eyeglasses have been shipped from the Hemet center from donations by local Lions clubs.

Those wishing to participate in this local Lions "Eyeglass Recycling" program may call (760) 256-3566, or contact any member of the Barstow Lions Club.

Drop off centers for unwanted prescription eyeglasses
· Dr. James Dallas, 1356-A E. Main Street