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Disposing of Used Tires

Improper management of waste tires poses a serious environmental safety and health threat.  Waste tires pollute water and reduce quality of life and property values by causing blight. Waste tires also can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rodents and other disease-carrying pests.  If ignited, waste tires will burn for long periods of time and create air pollution

Tips:  (Does not apply to tires generated as part of a business)

Do leave your "old" tires at the point of sale when you buy new ones.

Keep your tires properly inflated for safety and better wear.

Take your tires to Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc for FREE disposal (Limit 4).

Make an appointment with Burrtec to have up to 4 tires a calendar year picked up from your curb; with or without rims.

A Grant from CalRecycle allowed the City of Barstow to use Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) pavement on Montara Road between Aurora Way and Rimrock Road and on Rimrock Road between Granada Road and Barstow Road.  A large element in Rubberized Asphalt Concrete pavement is processed rubber from discarded vehicle tires.  Using Rubberized Asphalt Concrete pavement allowed the City of Barstow to divert 66,134 of waste tires from local landfills.SW_Grant_WasteTireLogo1