Mission Statement

The mission of the Barstow Wastewater Treatment Plant is to treat domestic and industrial wastewater from the City of Barstow and its surrounding communities in a manner that provides current and future customers with safe, efficient and cost effective wastewater treatment services while protecting the community, public health, plant staff and the environment from adverse impacts of wastewater and treatment by-products.

The City’s efforts are guided in part by federal, state, and local regulations.

It is our goal to achieve this objective in a manner that demonstrates integrity, responsibility, safety and economically-sound practices and provide this quality and protection at the lowest possible cost to the citizens of Barstow and its customers.

Our employees are critical in the delivery of superior services to the residents of the City of Barstow. The commitment our employees demonstrate to their jobs and to the advancement of the City's goals is the key to our success in mission accomplishment.


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