Emergency Management & Preparedness

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Mission Statement

The Barstow Fire District and the City of Barstow have an active emergency management and preparedness program.  The Fire District has the task of providing exercises and training to the city staff, and to coordinate with other agencies and stakeholders.  To maintain preparedness the city staff participates in multiple drills and exercises on an annual basis. A typical exercise may include a tabletop scenario with focus on supporting an incident or multiple incidents resulting from an earthquake, hazardous material release, or an active shooter situation.

  The goal of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the emergency management program is to support incidents with the objective of limiting loss of life and injuries, protecting the environment, and returning the community back to normal operations as soon as possible.  In addition to EOC drills the Police and Fire Departments conduct regular joint training with a focus on Unified Command of active shooter and other high risk operations. 

City of Barstow Emergency Operating Plan