Volunteers & Donations

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1. How can I volunteer to assist the Barstow Fire Department?
Please see our Volunteer Web page.

2. Do you collect clothes and furniture for burn victims?
We are sorry, but the department does not.

3. Do you collect toys for children?
Yes, we collect toys & bicycles all year long, but especially around the holidays for our Holiday Toy Ride. You can drop them off at any fire station or at our headquarters.

4. Does the Fire Department want my old car for training purposes?
The BFPD does not accepts old cars, however, there are local charities that could benefit from your donation.

5. Would the Fire Department like to use a vacant structure that I own and plan to demolish for training purposes?
Yes, on a case by case basis the City of Barstow Fire Department welcomes the opportunity to use structures set for demolition to aid in training. The department however can not take on any responsibility for removing debris etc. after the training is complete.

6. Can I do my school or court-mandated Community Service hours with the Barstow Fire Department?
The BFPD does not participate in any Community Service programs. You can contact other City departments that might need assistance through our Human Resources Department.

7. Who can I contact to post information about my business in all the fire stations and/or offer a special deal or discount to all the firefighters?
Any discount or deal must apply to firefighting and be offered to all firefighters. If it is an offer from stores, it must be offered to all City employees. All requests must be made through the Chief's Office and the Fire Chief has the final approval. You can contact the Fire Chief’s office at (760) 256-2254.