Applicant Fingerprinting

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Applicant fingerprinting is available by appointment only. Call (760) 255-5111 to make an appointment.

Applicant fingerprints are processed at the Barstow Police Department, located at 220 E. Mt. View St., at the southwest corner of Belinda Ave and Mt View St.

Fingerprint Options and Fees

Standard fingerprint card/ink - $10

Electronic livescan - $12

Additional Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fees apply and vary based on the applicant agency and position. Applicants must have an ORI number and livescan form from the applicant agency in order to be processed.

Applicants processed for agencies that provide a valid billing code will only be charged $12 at the time of fingerprinting. The remaining balance is billed to the applicant agency.

A valid form of government issued identification, such as a driver’s license, military identification card, or passport is required.

Livescan Form
A livescan form bearing an ORI number from the agency requiring the fingerprinting to be done must be presented at the time of the livescan appointment. Livescan transactions cannot be processed without this form.

Payment Method
Cash, check, or money order are accepted.

How to Arrange with the Department of Justice to Process Applicants by Electronic Livescan
Contact the Department of Justice in Sacramento for information and instructions.

Livescan Results
Livescan transactions are processed electronically and the results are sent directly to the agency affiliated with the ORI number on the livescan form by the California Department of Justice. The Barstow Police Department does not have the results and cannot provide that information to you. Questions regarding whether or not results have been sent by the Department of Justice can be answered by calling the Department of Justice automated number at (916) 227-4557. The ATI number located at the bottom of the livescan form and date of birth of the applicant are required to obtain information from the automated system.