Starting a Business Checklist

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All new businesses may be required to do the following:

  • Obtain Sales Tax (Reseller’s) License
     Visit the State Board of Equalization website ( or call (800) 400- 7115.
  • Obtain a City Business License:
    Fill out a Business License Application (link here to form) and contact the  Business Tax License Section of the Records Department at (760) 255-5123.
  • Obtain a Federal or State Employer I.D. Number
    Federal-Call Internal Revenue Service at (800) 424-3676 or
    State-Employment Development Department at (888) 745-3886 or

Are you building a new structure or renovating an existing structure?
Visit the Planning Division  or call (760) 255-5152 for the  required design reviews and plan checks.
Visit the Building Division  or call (760) 255-5159 for building permits,  inspections and a Certificate of Occupancy.

Are you establishing a business in an existing building?
Visit the Planning Department website to ensure that your proposed use of the  property is allowed in the location you desire or call (760) 255-5152.

Do you need to get your utilities turned on?
Gas visit
Electric vist
Sewer/Trash Burrtec  (760) 256-2730

Do you need to obtain Environmental Health Permits?
Contact County of San Bernardino-Environmental Health Services at (760) 243- 3773 or (909) 884-4056.

Are you providing temporary lodging to customers?
Contact the Business Tax Section of the City of Barstow at (760) 255-5123 to find  out whether you are subject to Transient Occupancy Tax.

Other useful contacts:
Barstow Area Chamber of Commerce   (760) 256-8617
City of Barstow Economic Development Department
Barstow Fire District 861 Barstow Road, Barstow, CA   (760) 256-2254