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Labor force date for the Inland Empire North (9/2018)


Area  Labor Force  Employment   Unemployment Unemployment Rate 
 San Bernardino County  966,200  929,400  36,800 3.8%
 Adelanto  9,600  8,900 700  7.2%
 Apple Valley 29,300  27,900  1,300  4.6%
 Barstow  8,800  8,300  500  5.4%
 Hesperia  35,800  34,100  1,800  4.9%
 Victorville  46,600 44,100 2,500  5.4%
 Totals/Average  130,100 79,200 6,300  4.8%
 State Average  19,552,500  18,783,600  768,900  3.9%
 National Average        3.7%


California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKS) is part of California’s plan to implement the Welfare-to-Work (WtW) grant program.  The CalWORKS program includes education, training and support services as well as employment opportunities related to the individual goal of each participant.

The College assists CalWORKS students in successfully completing approved Certificate / Occupational programs in order to obtain employment.

Employers have a chance to take an active part in assisting CalWORKS students in becoming independent.  As an incentive, Community Colleges will subsidize up to seventy-five percent (75%) of the wage of any qualified CalWORKS student hired for part-time employment.

For more information about how to receive up to a 75 percent wage reimbursement for all CalWORKS student hired, contact the City of Barstow at (760) 255-5129.


Data provided by: State of California, Economic Development Department