Market Access

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Barstow’s strategic location allows businesses located within it to rapidly serve markets throughout both the Los Angeles and San Diego Metropolitan areas and can easily reach the Las Vegas markets and beyond.  Its wide variety of transportation facilities also make it possible for them to easily ship their products worldwide.

The strength of the Inland Empire North lies in the fact that it has a transcontinental corridor and is an important intersection in southern California.  The region is the gateway to virtually all Southern California market and destinations east.  This area of the Inland Empire North is the perimeter location to the transcontinental truck and rail routes in the southern portions of California.  Interstate 15 and Interstate 40 serve as a major route for traffic movement between California, Nevada to the East Coast.  The Inland Empire North is uniquely located on major transcontinental transportation corridors, which is a major advantage for firms in businesses engaged in the servicing of transport and distribution industries.  Sixty million people travel through Barstow each year.

The Inland Empire North is at the doorstep of the world’s largest market – Southern California.  It is geographically located with direct regional access to 20 million consumers in the Los Angeles basin.  This market is forecasted to continue growing at an exceptional rate into the next century.