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The City of Barstow is excited to have launched the new Barstow Community Services Foundation, which strives to offer citywide programs that make a difference in our community. The Barstow Community Services Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization who is devoted to building a better community and endeavoring to sustain, enrich and create opportunities to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Barstow.

Our Mission is to recognize the full potential of opportunities that exist in sustaining and promoting programs and issues vital to the core values of our community by expanding and enhancing our existing programs and developing new opportunities to improve the quality of service to our residents.  

In addition the City of Barstow created the Harvey House Foundation which was incorporated on January 16, 1992.  The purpose of the Foundation is to promote development of the Harvey House site as an historic site and work to improve, renovate, maintain and repair articles of historic significance including but not limited to railroad memorabilia.

If you would like to donate, contact City Public Information Officer Anthony Riley at (760) 255-5106