Natural Attractions

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Rainbow Basin
The basin, which lies about 15 miles north of Barstow, existed between 10 and 30 million years ago as lakebeds now vanished. Erosion of the richly colored sedimentary layers by wind and water has over the years turned the basin into a rainbow of scenic beauty.

Mojave National Preserve
Mojave National Preserve, located about 60 miles east of Barstow, is an ideal place to hike, bike ride, backpack, picnic, camp, or take tours and learn about historical and archaeological attractions.


Afton Canyon

Considered the "Grand Canyon of the Mojave," the Mojave River surfaces here after flowing 50 miles underground. Afton Canyon, an excellent area for hiking and photography, is located 36 miles northeast of Barstow.

Black Canyon & Inscription Canyon
The canyons are the largest Native American rock art galleries accessible to the public. About 31 miles northwest of Barstow, visitors can view petroglyphs from the road or on foot.

Old Woman Springs Meteorite
The meteorite is the second largest space rock ever found in the United States, weighing over three tons and measuring three feet in diameter. Geologists speculate it hit the Earth more than 10,000 years ago about 15 miles east of Lucerne Valley, in what was has long been known as the Old Woman Springs Area. The meteorite was discovered in March 1976 by three mining prospectors. After a year-long legal battle between the Smithsonian and the State of California, the decision was made to display the meteorite in a museum close to the desert environment in which it was found. The Old Woman Meteorite is now displayed in the BLM's Desert Discovery Center in Barstow.