Downloadable Forms

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Alphabetical listing of all forms available for download from the City of Barstow.

Address Assignment Form [PDF]

Adopt A Block Certification Form [PDF]

Alarm Permit - Commercial [PDF]

Alarm Permit - Residential [PDF]

Annexation Guide [PDF]

Application for Appeal [PDF]

Application for Private Party - Henderson Pool [PDF]

Building Permit [PDF]
As of January 1, 2017, plans submitted for review shall be designed under the 2016 California Building Codes.

Banner Permit Application [PDF]

Business' after hour response form (for Barstow Police Department) [PDF]

Business License Application [PDF]

Business License Fee Schedule [PDF]

Business Change of Location Application [PDF]

California Regional Water Quality Control Board Agenda Item for the LAMP [PDF]

 Claim Form [PDF]

Plan Submittal Checklist for Commercial Projects [PDF]

Community Development Fee Schedule [PDF]

Community Promotional Fund Application Form [PDF]

Conditional Use Permit [PDF]

Construction Waste Management Plan Application [PDF]

Contractor's Pre-Qualification Application [PDF]

Development Permit [PDF]

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program Form [PDF]

Encroachment Permit Package [PDF]

Explorer Application [PDF]

Facilities Use Application [PDF]

Film Office Fees [PDF]

Film Permit Application [PDF]

Film Property Registration Form [PDF]

General Plan Amendment [PDF]

Graffiti Abatement Form [PDF]

Harvey House Rental Agreement [PDF]

Home Occupation Permit [PDF]

Local Agency Management Plan (LAMP) [PDF]

Lot Line Adjustment [PDF]

Master Fee Schedule [PDF]

Military Banner Application [PDF]

On Site Septic System Guidelines for Soil Percolation Test [PDF]

Oversized Transportation Permit Application [PDF]

PAL After-School Program Application [PDF]

Parcel Map Application - Final [PDF]

Parcel Map Application - Tentative [PDF]

Park Rental Agreement and Application [PDF]

Personal Property Identification Record [PDF]

Planned Unit Development [PDF]

Planning Commission Application Form [PDF]

Pool Rental Form (Private Party) [PDF]

Political Sign Application [PDF]

Public Records Request Form [PDF]

Registration, Agreement and Release of Liability Form [PDF]

Residential Plan Submittal Check Sheet [PDF]

Resolution Approving the City of Barstow Local Agency Management Plan (LAMP) [PDF]

Route 66 Christmas Vendor Registration Form [PDF]

Site Plan Review Application & Checklist [PDF]

Solar Application Package [PDF]

Street Committee Application [PDF]

Street Vacation Application [PDF]

Temporary Use Permit [PDF]

Tract Map Application - Tentative [PDF]

Transient Occupancy Tax Claim [PDF]

TOT Exemption [PDF]

Variance Application [PDF]

Use of Facilities - Cora Harper Fitness Center [PDF]

Use of Facilities - Dana Park Building [PDF]

Use of Parks Application [PDF]

Vacant Housing Enforcement Team Form [PDF]

Wastewater Discharge Questionnaire [PDF]

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Application [PDF]

Youth Council Application [PDF]

Zoning Ordinance Amendment or District Change [PDF]